Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a comprehensive and powerful ERP solution that is simple to learn and use.  It delivers benefits for your global enterprise throughout its industry-specific and horizontal business approach.


The solution is customizable and scalable; changes to business processes (by legal or market requirements) can be easily displayed and the recording of the new business processes (e.g. changing the distribution) are possible with the integrated industry platform.  Compliance requirements are continually met.  Role-based user interfaces with direct access to relevant information and processes, Microsoft Dynamics AX promotes acceptance and widespread use of the system for your company's employees, which provides increased productivity and immediate transparency.


10 reasons for
 Microsoft Dynamics AX

1. short Time-to-Value

2. scalability

3. intelligent, productive work

4. new business potentials

5. support now and the future

6. competitive advantages

7. high acceptance

8. collaborative

9.  low cost

10. powerful Microsoft Platform

Enables your employees to work more efficiently in a fully integrated system in a constantly changing environment of the enterprise.

The platform for your global business

Make new business opportunities quickly exploited while optimizing your global operations. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can easily extend to new countries. The centralized solution includes country-specific localizations with which you can map the legal requirements in 36 countries.


Work | better, faster & smarter

Make informed, pro-active decisions and give your employees the tools with which you can easily filter out the essence of the variety of information from your company. Role-based user interface of Microsoft Dynamics AX provides each user with various information, processes and results that they need for their tasks. Thanks to the seamless integration with familiar productivity applications from Microsoft, each user can work better, faster and smarter from the start.


Today & tomorrow

To accompany the constant changes and reflect new requirements in your business; Microsoft Dynamics AX can be deployed: easily, quickly and be adjusted continually. Take advantage of standard technologies and a familiar user interface. The flexible architecture allows you to start with a smaller deployment and progressively add more.  You can replace older systems gradually without risk and establish a homogeneous IT landscape.