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Automobile Component Manufacturing

ERP Automobile Component Manufacturing - Our software solution for companies in the automobile component industry  

The advancing globalization of the automobile component industry forces manufacturers to maintain production sites all over the world. In order to guarantee a consistently high product quality at all locations, a strong networking of the individual locations among each other is necessary. Today, vehicles and entire components (engines, transmissions) are developed globally and produced locally in the country with local characteristics in the regional markets. 

One of the core requirements of the automotive industry is therefore global data management to which these locations all have access, but it must still be possible to supplement and enrich this data with local requirements and information.  

Performance expectations for ERP automobile component software  

In order to meet the demands of the market, automobile component expect the following benefits from a good software solution at their production and delivery sites: 

  • Increasing process reliability in production and reducing rework due to process errors
  • Establishment of plant-wide transparency in the production process of component plants 
  • Ensuring a consistently system-supported production process by avoiding data loss inconsistencies or duplicates 
  • Reduction of development costs in the component plants by replacing the plant’s own local IT systems 
  • Connection of necessary group systems involved in the production process (e.g. Finance) 

Benefits from Microsoft Dynamics 365  

The ERP software solution from Microsoft impresses with comprehensive standard functionalities and guarantees unlimited release capability. By using Microsoft Dynamics 365, automotive suppliers can map manufacturer changes more quickly and also automate their business processes within their company. In addition, the connection of suppliers, customers and other partner companies is supported. 

The modular Microsoft Dynamics 365 software provides an excellent basis for the various requirements of the automobile component industry. In addition, the excellent development environment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the possibility to react quickly and purposefully to special requirements (e.g. interfaces to subsystems) of the automobile component industry. 

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