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Porini is a b4dynamics partner accompanying on their digital transformation journey and supporting its global customers in delivering contemporary solutions. Founded in 1968 in Milan, Como, Porini specializes in providing ERP solutions and consulting services for fashion, clothing, textile, and retail companies. Over the years, it has expanded its expertise and become a Microsoft Global ISV.

Porini can assist companies operating in all sub-sectors of the textile and fashion supply chain.


Porini Software Solutions offers comprehensive support for various spinning processes in the textile industry, including worsted and woolen spinning, combed and carded spinning, hand-knitting yarns, extrusion spinning, continuous fiber spinning, post-spinning processes, and more. With PORINI 365 ERP, managing and optimizing these processes becomes easier and more efficient.

Yarn Management: PORINI 365 ERP allows you to efficiently manage various characteristics of yarns, such as twist type, number of folds, filaments, fiber and percentage, merchant allowance, and conditioned weight.

Agreements and Orders: The software enables you to define agreements with business partners for both sales and purchases. It also facilitates the management of blanket orders and tracks all processing phases, whether internal or external, through the Sub-Contracting module.

Cost Calculation and Traceability: PORINI 365 ERP helps you accurately calculate the actual cost of working and yarn by detecting quantities and processing times. It ensures the traceability of each production lot, from dyeing to the finished product.

Budgeting and Recipe Management: The software can calculate budgets and effectively manage the final consumption of recipe ingredients using the recipes module. It also handles the identification of PutUp for yarn, such as hard cones, perforated soft packages, hanks, etc.

Integration with Data Collection Systems: PORINI 365 ERP seamlessly integrates with all data collection systems on the machine through a communication protocol based on the exchange of XML files, utilizing the PIL Production module.

By utilizing PORINI 365 ERP in the textile industry, you can optimize your spinning processes, streamline operations, ensure cost-effectiveness, enhance traceability, and achieve better overall management.


Porini Software Solutions provides robust support for a wide range of weaving processes in the textile industry, including dobby, jacquard, denim, tufting, and carpet manufacturing. Our PORINI 365 ERP software is specifically designed to streamline and optimize these weaving operations, offering comprehensive features to enhance efficiency and productivity. Key Features of PORINI 365 ERP for Textile Weaving:

Warp and Greige Fabric Management: Easily manage crucial characteristics of warps and greige fabrics, such as warp waste percentage, weft waste percentage, take-up percentage, flange diameter, roll standard length, greige weight, warp width, reed width, reed type, ends per dent, average picks, harness, and selvedge type.

Cost Calculation: Declare quantities and processing times to accurately calculate the actual cost of working and the warp and greige fabric. This feature allows you to make informed decisions and optimize your production processes.

Production Planning and Tracking:Simplify production planning by tracking each beam and piece produced. Store the lot or batch information of warp and weft yarns used, enabling efficient tracking and traceability throughout the weaving process.

Seamless Integration: Our advanced ERP system seamlessly interfaces with weaving planning modules, data collection systems on the machine, and inspection tables. It utilizes a communication protocol based on the exchange of XML files, leveraging the PIL Production module for smooth integration.

By utilizing PORINI 365 ERP for textile weaving, you can streamline your operations, optimize production planning, track raw materials efficiently, and enhance overall efficiency. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, PORINI 365 ERP is the ideal software solution for textile manufacturers aiming to boost their weaving processes.


Porini Software Solutions offers comprehensive support for various knitting processes, catering to circular knitting, flat knitwear, fully fashioned, seamless, warp knitting, and socks manufacturing. Our cutting-edge PORINI 365 ERP system empowers you to efficiently manage key aspects of warp and greige fabrics, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced productivity.

Efficient Fabric Management: Streamline your operations with PORINI 365 ERP, which allows you to effortlessly handle crucial warp and greige fabric characteristics. Manage roll standard length, greige fabric weight, dyed fabric weight, stitch per unit, and number of runs with ease. This comprehensive fabric management feature ensures accurate tracking of quantities and processing times, enabling you to calculate the actual cost of working with warp and greige fabric accurately. Batch Traceability: Maintaining precise traceability is essential in the textile industry. PORINI 365 ERP enables you to record the lot or batch number of the yarn used, ensuring complete traceability of the produced pieces. This feature provides you with valuable insights into your manufacturing process and helps maintain quality control.

Seamless Integration: With PORINI 365 ERP, integration is a breeze. Our software seamlessly interfaces with knitting planning modules through a communication protocol based on the exchange of XML files, using the PIL Production module. This enables smooth data flow and collaboration, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. Furthermore, PORINI 365 ERP easily integrates with data collection systems on the machine, optimizing efficiency and accuracy.

Boost Your Textile Manufacturing Efficiency: Experience the benefits of Porini Software Solutions in optimizing your textile manufacturing processes. With our comprehensive features for fabric management, batch traceability, and seamless integration, you can enhance productivity, streamline operations, and reduce costs. Choose Porini Software Solutions to stay ahead in the dynamic textile industry.


Porini software solutions provide comprehensive support for various entities in the fashion industry, such as textile brands, fashion companies, licensees, retailers, distributors, or any combination of these. A prominent feature of PORINI 365 ERP is its ability to efficiently handle collections, seasons, divisions, themes, and product lines, including individual products with diverse sizes and colors. This software also facilitates the management of size distribution curves based on customer or store specifications and seamlessly integrates with PLM solutions through a dedicated integration layer. Furthermore, Porini software offers functionalities for effective management of manual allocations or automatic proposals, customer hierarchy, BI cubes for informed decision-making, BOM and external routes for brands with product definition, subcontracting support, sales and purchase agreements, purchase orders managed by size, and inventory journal categorized by size.

Porini software solutions provide comprehensive support for manufacturers and converters in the textile industry. Their tablet ERP system is specifically designed to optimize dyeing, finishing, and printing processes.

With PORINI 365 ERP, textile businesses can effortlessly manage key attributes of their finished fabrics, including fiber composition, finished weight, and width. This ERP system efficiently handles all processing phases, both internal and external, with the help of the sub-contracting module.

The software empowers manufacturers to track quantities and processing times involved in production, ensuring accurate calculations of working and finished fabric costs. This feature facilitates efficient inventory management and enables the generation of detailed financial reports.

PORINI 365 ERP enables manufacturers to trace individual pieces’ production, calculate budgets, and effectively manage recipe ingredient consumption. Seamless integration with machine data collection systems is achieved through a communication protocol based on XML file exchange using the PIL production module.

Moreover, the software solution empowers textile manufacturers to effectively manage their collections, exclusivities, and price lists for different product lines. PORINI 365 ERP is a comprehensive solution that streamlines operations and boosts productivity for textile manufacturers and converters.

Porini software solutions offer versatile support for a wide range of textile products, including underwear, lingerie, outerwear, menswear, ladieswear, children’s wear, formal wear, workwear, footwear, and sportswear. A standout feature of PORINI 365 ERP is its ability to effectively manage the unique characteristics of each product type, encompassing division, season, collection, line, theme, and size chart, along with details pertaining to washing, drying, bleaching, and ironing.

Furthermore, PORINI 365 ERP facilitates seamless management of all internal and external processing phases through its Sub-Contracting module. It provides accurate quantity and processing time tracking to calculate the actual cost of working with and producing fabrics. The software efficiently handles size chart tables or size grids for customer orders, purchase orders, production orders, and warehouse journals. It also enables effective management of collections, exclusives, and price lists for different product lines. In summary, PORINI 365 ERP offers comprehensive and efficient management solutions for apparel, footwear, and accessory businesses in the textile industry.

Porini software solutions offer comprehensive support for a diverse range of Technical Textiles, including Geotextiles, Bands and Ribbons, Carbon Fibers, Glass Fibers, Special Fabrics, and more. With the help of PORINI 365 ERP, companies can efficiently manage and control the production process of their Technical Textiles products.

PORINI 365 ERP boasts several key features that enhance the management of Technical Textiles. It enables companies to effectively handle important product characteristics, such as roll standard length, quality data, compliancy to standards, approval workflows, and more. The software also facilitates the calculation of actual working costs by meticulously tracking quantities and processing times.

Furthermore, PORINI 365 ERP provides companies with the ability to trace the production of each roll by meticulously recording the lot or batch number of the yarn used in the manufacturing process. It seamlessly integrates with all data collection systems on the machine through a communication protocol based on the exchange of XML files, leveraging the PIL Production module for enhanced efficiency.

In summary, Porini’s ERP solution empowers textile companies working with Technical Textiles to streamline their production processes, optimize product management, and achieve greater control over their operations.

Porini’s textile solution stands out in efficiently managing Vertical Companies, covering the entire spectrum from fiber to finished goods. Our solution incorporates a powerful configuration wizard that simplifies the setup process for multiple areas within a single company and database.

With our solution, users can leverage tailored functionalities specifically designed for each sector. Moreover, PORINI 365 ERP encompasses a wide array of features, including the management of diverse item codes, technical specifications, and user-defined data based on product types. It ensures comprehensive traceability across all transactions, seamless integration of master planning, and facilitates intercompany transactions and plans.

Experience the exceptional capabilities of Porini’s solution as it empowers textile businesses to optimize their operations and maximize efficiency across the entire value chain.