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Company Profile

ELVİN Tekstil, a key player in the weaving curtain fabric sector, has been a pillar of success since its establishment in 1959. Based in Bursa, the company boasts a workforce of 142 dedicated employees. With an illustrious history and an unwavering commitment to quality, ELVİN Tekstil has emerged as an industry leader. 

Reference Story

Before embracing Microsoft Dynamics 365, ELVİN Tekstil grappled with formidable challenges in managing its operations. The existing software system lacked integration, impeding operational efficiency and effectiveness. Inability to seamlessly manage processes from order intake to product shipment, as well as from production to accounting, posed significant hurdles to their growth trajectory. 

The decision to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 was propelled by the need for a comprehensive and integrated solution. Microsoft’s reputation for user-friendly interfaces and the availability of a diverse array of solution partners made Dynamics 365 the natural choice. 

Teaming up with b4dynamics, a global ERP solutions provider, ELVİN Tekstil embarked on a transformative journey. The implementation of Dynamics 365 empowered them to holistically manage all facets of their business. The system facilitated meticulous tracking of customer orders, production orders, and inventory—a feat previously beyond reach. 

The journey was not without its share of challenges. ELVİN Tekstil’s transition to Dynamics 365 and their partnership with b4dynamics necessitated adaptability and perseverance. Nevertheless, the team’s determination coupled with the prowess of the integrated system paved the way for the company to achieve an impressive 28% enhancement in order processing efficiency and a remarkable 30% reduction in hardware investments and operational expenses.


With the freshly deployed system, ELVİN Tekstil witnessed a paradigm shift in their operations. Access to invaluable data empowered them to adeptly manage internal improvement projects. Operational outcomes could now be seamlessly integrated into the system, allowing for meticulous comparisons against the master plan’s objectives. The assimilation of new production lines became a streamlined process, and supplier performance was managed based on data-derived insights. 

Opting for b4dynamics as their partner proved to be a pivotal decision. The seasoned team at b4dynamics played an instrumental role in ensuring a triumphant implementation. Despite initial challenges and a transition of implementation teams, b4dynamics demonstrated unwavering commitment and expertise, ultimately culminating in a triumphant outcome. 

ELVİN Tekstil’s success story serves as a testament to the potential unlocked through technological adoption and strategic partnerships. As they gaze into the future, the company envisions building upon their accomplishments, seeking heightened engagement, insights, and information from their partners. While content with the current state of affairs, they emphasize an unrelenting commitment to progress, envisaging a future where efficiency and innovation propel their success to new pinnacles.

Choosing b4dynamics

Thanks to the new ERP, our double work has been eliminated, and we can focus on our core business..” GM- Murat Sitki Canik