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“A super team of software consultants and developers guided by an boss. The implementation is an achievement of b4dynamics”.

Vedat Gencelli, IT Manager

Company profile

Founded in 1978 by Mr. Nusret EROGLU, the EROGLU Group consists of 5 companies today. EROGLU exports high quality precision tools to 56 countries worldwide, including the EU, Switzerland, Norway, USA, Australia, China, South Africa, Iran, Japan, Canada, and Russia, via its own distribution network.

Production for the entire group of companies takes place in a state-of-the-art production center in Bursa, Turkey.  EROGLU Makina San. Tic has a 15,000m² production hall on a total area of 65,000m² with 300 employees in production.

In 1997 EROGLU Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH was founded in Mössingen, Germany.  They produce clamping systems for CNC-controlled metalworking machines.  The German location is about 6000m² and 2000m² are used for the European distribution of tools manufactured in Bursa, Turkey. 

In 2004 a distribution company was founded in Iran, EROGLU was able to expand into the Middle East.

EROGLU Takim headquartered in Bursa, Turkey, serves the Turkish market through its representatives and subsidiaries in Istanbul, Ankara, Konya, and Izmir in form of marketing measures and technical information.

With 40+ years of industry experience, EROGLU stands for reliability, quality, and consistent customer service. With the aim of becoming the market leader, the company is constantly investing and setting the “bar higher”.

In 2007, EROGLU invested in a hardening plant that was integrated into the Bursa production center. At the same time, production was brought up to date as part of a comprehensive machine modernization project which was successfully completed in 2012. An important focus of this project was the creation of the ERTEM-EROGLU Technology Training Center, a training center for vocational and technical training. In context with increased investments in R&D and cooperation with renowned universities, practical models and patent studies are carried out with the aim of establishing EROGLU Technopark.

The problems

EROGLU used an inhouse system and was depended on one inhouse developer.  They did lots of developments which made their system slow and complicated.

“Our processes were slow but after the new system implementation we were able to work faster, more flexible, and knew our correct costs.” – Vedat Gencelli, IT Manager

The requirements

EROGLU’s needed an integrated system to track their processes correctly.

“Our habits have changed. We can do our jobs more efficient and fluent. We manage our work in an integrated way, so we don’t have to rely on one person.” – Vedat Gencelli, IT Manager

User resistance within the company

During the implementation, some of the departments showed resistance to make the system change.  They wanted to continue with the existing system which led to a slowdown in the implementation process. After seeing the abilities and easy usage of the new system, they were more willing to change.

Choosing b4dynamics

“b4dynamics is a global and experienced Microsoft partner.  We need their knowledge and friendly support. We are very happy to work with b4dynamics and we can easily connect with them whenever we need.” – Vedat Gencelli, IT Manager