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Company Profile

İPEKİŞ, headquartered in Bursa, Turkey, is a reference customer for b4dynamics in the textile industry. Founded in 1925, İPEKİŞ is the first pioneer company and the first ex-port company in the history of the Turkish Republic. Meanwhile, woven and knitted fabrics are produced here by 450 employees in a closed area of 25,000 m2. The annual production capacity in the modern facilities includes 5 million meters of weaving and 9 million meters of dye finishing with polyester-viscose, polyester-viscose-elastane, recycled (sustainable) polyester fabrics and especially 100% wool, wool-polyester, wool-polyamide-lycra and wool-blend fabrics. 

İpekiş, the initiative pioneer in its sector with an experience of almost a century, pursues the vision of being a “global brand” with its customer, quality, trend and design-oriented products.

Reference Story

When İPEKİŞ started looking for a new ERP system, the ERP AS400 was in use. However, this legacy system was too inefficient and cumbersome to use for the company’s needs. It was simply not sufficient as a software system: Money and time were not under control, and there was an enormous amount of stress. Customer inquiries such as delivery times of ordered goods or similar could not be answered. This was the decisive reason for the search for a new software solution. 

The decision fell on Dynamics AX 2009, because the requirement was to bring all business processes under control with a fully equipped system. Microsoft was able to convince with its highly developed technology, flexible structure, and simple implementation methods.  

Initially, AX was purchased from another Microsoft partner, but they were not able to implement it – so there was no go-live. From the experience that ERP projects are not easy, that everything costs a lot of time and money and very many open questions remain – especially in the implementation at İPEKİŞ – it was very important to use the time effectively and invest the money in the right place. 

b4dynamics was initially shortlisted due to its familiarity in this market of industry-specific implementation partners, its global presence and industry experience. The main reason for choosing b4d was that it was important for İPEKİŞ to work with a successful consulting company that knows what it is doing. 

This decision has not been regretted, İPEKİŞ satisfaction with b4d is high. Technical consultants and decision-makers are very accessible, experienced, and friendly and can still implement all wishes according to the company. They have managed to do what everyone was already doubting, namely, to get AX up and running in all departments in the shortest possible time.


The expectations at İPEKİŞ were very low. No one thought it was possible to achieve a completely problem-free system. The only hope was to have fewer problems than before. All the greater was the joy that they now get more feedback than expected from the program. A go-live on the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 system could take place with 40 users, and now all departments are working together in an integrated way. Money and time are now spent regularly and on the right resources. Those responsible at İPEKİŞ were finally able to focus on their main tasks again. Profits and losses can finally be clearly quantified, orders have increased due to the expansion of business to more countries, there is more work to be done, and the way daily business is conducted has become easier. In short, revenues have increased, and expenses have decreased. 

A 28% improvement in order processing efficiency, especially meeting order deadlines, has been achieved, allowing more orders to be received. 30% savings were made in hardware investment and operating costs, resulting in profits. 

It was felt especially positive that b4d always insisted on the shortest and easiest way and stayed as close to the standard as possible to avoid long developments. Due to these consistently positive experiences and results, İPEKİŞ can fully recommend b4dynamics.

Choosing b4dynamics

Accessing reports and information from a single system is only possible with comprehensive ERP software. Ömer F. Atalay; IT-Managerİpekiş