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Company Profile

In the competitive world of print services, PRINTCENTER Basım Hizmetleri has emerged as a standout player, redefining efficiency and innovation. Established in 1993 in İstanbul, PRINTCENTER has transformed into a formidable force in the print sector, boasting a workforce of 65 dedicated employees. However, the need for a cohesive and integrated operational structure drove PRINTCENTER’s quest for a novel software solution.

Reference Story

PRINTCENTER Basım Hizmetleri’s pursuit of an integrated workflow prompted their quest for a new software solution. Struggling with the challenges stemming from a lack of integration, they relied on an application called “Access” for tasks such as job orders and sales orders. Unfortunately, this manual approach resulted in significant time losses. Seeking improvement, the company turned its attention towards Microsoft Dynamics NAV. 

The decision to adopt Microsoft Dynamics NAV was influenced by PRINTCENTER’s longstanding involvement in servicing Microsoft’s print needs. As early as 1997, their search for suitable software solutions began. However, external options proved inadequate, demanding excessive time and resources. During a presentation by Microsoft, the compatibility of their ERP system, Dynamics NAV, with PRINTCENTER’s requirements became apparent. 

Before the implementation of Dynamics 365, PRINTCENTER confronted the challenges stemming from a lack of integration. The manual preparation of documents such as job orders and sales orders through Excel proved time-consuming and led to efficiency losses. 

PRINTCENTER’s objectives and aspirations were met through their full embrace of the NAV+PrintVis program. Their comprehensive utilization extended from A to Z, and they now have plans for a crucial upgrade in the near future. This upgrade aims to achieve seamless operational enhancement, with a keen eye towards renewing their partnership with b4dynamics. 

The selection of b4dynamics as a partner was driven by their commendable reference with “SONOCO.” Recognized as a prominent global reference within the same industry, b4dynamics emerged as a fitting collaborator. Their dedicated approach led to the successful integration of both Dynamics NAV and PrintVis, even in the face of PrintVis’s relative novelty in the Turkish market. 

Throughout the project’s duration, the entire process, encompassing the implementation of NAV and the subsequent integration of PrintVis, spanned approximately 11-12 months for NAV, followed by an additional 2 months for PrintVis integration.


With the successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, PRINTCENTER Basım Hizmetleri underwent a remarkable evolution, transitioning from disjointed processes to a seamlessly harmonized workflow. This transformation brought about tangible improvements across various aspects of their operations.

Key outcomes of the implementation included: 

  • Streamlined Pricing: Essential tasks like pricing during order placement were streamlined, enabling quicker response times and enhancing customer satisfaction. 
  • Efficient Project Execution: Complex projects that involved multiple variations were executed promptly and efficiently, minimizing delays and ensuring high-quality outputs. 
  • Enhanced Graphic Workflows: The integration of an “intranet” program with NAV for graphic work proved to be a game-changer. This integration optimized the graphic design process and ensured smoother transition to the printing phase. 

This successful transformation of PRINTCENTER Basım Hizmetleri underscores the remarkable capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the pivotal role played by the collaboration with b4dynamics. From their earlier state of fragmented processes, the company emerged as a harmonized powerhouse, capable of delivering improved services to their clients. 

As PRINTCENTER looks ahead, their partnership with b4dynamics continues to be a guiding light. With their sights set on further enhancing efficiency and elevating their operational effectiveness, PRINTCENTER is confident in b4dynamics as their trusted partner on this journey of continual improvement. 

Choosing b4dynamics

Anyone who wants to track everything 100% and see their profits and losses should use an ERP. Akif Kazmaz, Managing Director