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Founded in 1899, Sonoco has emerged as a pioneering figure in the cardboard packaging industry. With its headquarters based in USA-South Carolina, the company has cultivated a global workforce of 21,000 dedicated employees. At the heart of Sonoco’s journey lies a steadfast purpose – to create superior packaging for a better world. Rooted in a commitment to prioritize both people and the planet, Sonoco’s solutions echo its legacy of integrity. 

With a legacy spanning 124 years, Sonoco has steadfastly stood by its customers, delivering unwavering service and top-tier products. Empowered by its industry-leading team, Sonoco continues to forge ahead with its world-class packaging solutions.

Reference Story

The primary objective of implementing a new software solution was to enable integrated management across the organization. Sonoco aimed to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and unify various departments under a single system. 

The decision to opt for Dynamics 365 was influenced by the overseas headquarters, which recognized the software’s potential and endorsed its adoption. This was a significant strategic choice that Sonoco Turkey embraced to align their operations with the global direction. 

Prior to integrating Dynamics 365, our company operated without an ERP system. As a global entity, the lack of an ERP led to fragmented processes and limited collaboration. Each department worked in isolation, resulting in a lack of synchronization. Cost estimation and tracking were challenging, and the absence of centralized data led to inefficiencies. 

After the head office’s decision, Sonoco Turkey undertook the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This decision proved invaluable as it allowed all departments to operate within a single, integrated ecosystem. In Turkey, 50 users were trained, while abroad, NAV was rolled out to 10 factories with approximately 800 users. However, plans are underway to transition to Oracle for all company entities.


Through the implementation of Dynamics 365, the company’s processes underwent a transformative improvement. Time management became highly efficient, with streamlined planning and execution. The software enabled accurate cost estimation and real-time cost tracking, addressing a longstanding challenge. As a result, the main operational challenges were successfully resolved. 

The implementation of Dynamics 365 yielded substantial benefits, evident in the following key areas: 

  • Order-Processing Efficiency: A remarkable 28% improvement in order-processing efficiency was observed. Previously, dispatch notes in Excel were generated without proper accounting, leading to discrepancies. Dynamics 365 eliminated this issue, ensuring accurate documentation and accounting. 
  • Savings in Hardware Investment and Operational Costs: We witnessed a significant 30% reduction in faulty products during production. This decrease translated into savings in staff resources and operational costs. The streamlined processes and better product control contributed to this impressive result. 

The introduction of Dynamics 365 revolutionized the company’s operations, addressing longstanding challenges and significantly enhancing efficiency across departments. The software’s impact was measured through quantifiable improvements in order-processing efficiency and cost savings. The success of this project has underscored the importance of embracing advanced software solutions to drive operational excellence.

Choosing b4dynamics

Generally there is a factory or production logic‚‘‘ the timely and complete removal of the truck‘. The truck is complete from the factory and we are focusing on our core business. With the quality department, customer complaints have been reduced to a minimum, and everything is important; all departments have started to work with an integrated and complete efficiency. Ahmet Uçar, IT Manager-Sonoco Turkey