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Chemical manufacturers must successfully juggle complex formulas and recipes, comply with regulatory and customer mandates, and manage a wealth of compound-specific characteristics such as shelf life, potencies, and unit-of-measure conversions.

Constantly changing product and packaging variations present operational and inventory challenges and require close interaction between R&D labs, procurement, production, and marketing. Meanwhile, a tough global marketplace dictates ever-increasing efficiency, faster time-to-market, shorter order lead times, and comprehensive management of product life cycles from new product introduction to retirement.

Rise above market and industry pressures and give your people the tools they need to drive your business forward. Extending Microsoft Dynamics 365’s core platform offering of Finance, Operations, Sales and Marketing, HR, and Service capabilities, b4dynamics provides chemical manufacturers with additional capabilities including:

  • CAPA | Non-Conformance Management
  • Electronic Batch Records
  • Audit Trails and Electronic Signatures
  • Serial and Lot Track and Trace
  • Vendor Management
  • Dispensing
  • Shelf Life and Retest Management
  • Labeling
  • IoT Integration
  • Complaints
  • Sampling
  • Instrument Calibration

b4dynamics enables chemical manufacturers to gain control over their processes, increased efficiency, and real-time information throughout the product lifecycle and across the supply chain. We advise you!