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Executive Automats - Cross-platform tool for regression testing

XPLUS has been active in the IT market since June 2002 and is now a Microsoft Inner Circle member (World Top 1%) and Gold Certified ERP Partner. A team of more than 100 developers, consultants, business and technical architects and project managers at XPLUS is dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 solutions. Executive Automats (first version 2013) was developed for automated testing and security authorizations to reduce the time for roll-outs, new releases and code development.

Executive Automats (EA) from XPLUS S.A. is a cross-platform regression testing tool designed to increase the speed of MS Dynamics AX/365/CRM implementations and improve test quality and accuracy. The platform helps protect core business processes from errors in the continuous software development lifecycle and application updates.

With EA’s Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 Solution, you can better prepare for Microsoft Dynamics updates, shorten your application development cycle, and benefit in many other ways.

Key features

  • No programming skills required for functional, performance and regression testing
  • Reduction of licensing costs though automated setup of security permissions and process documentation 
  • Easy creation, modification, enhancement, and management of test scripts, resulting in a real reduction in manual effort
  • Testing of end-to-end processes via any web-based platform
  • Fully integrated into Azure Devops
  • Create and maintain hundreds of scripts
  • Test workflows and security access
  • Scheduled test suite runs
  • Analyze detailed test reports
  • Managing test plans and ensuring stability

Executive Automats solves the following problems

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 One release strategy provides for several major releases per year, all of which must be tested:

  • Business risk protection
  • Faster release cycles, faster deployment
  • Coverage of many business scenarios
  • Continuous rollouts
  • Cost savings
  • Validation, compliance

Your advantages

  • Time saving of more than 65% of testing time for new rollouts
  • Easy to start & deploy: 100% wireless, ready to go within one hour
  • Stress test your system before anything actually happens: EA shows you how your system behaves under stress by allowing you to run 100’s or even 1000’s of processes simultaneously, allowing you to make system adjustments before peak times occur
  • Automate repetitive and routine business processes: With EA’s Robotic Process Automation module, you can easily automate routine business processes running in Microsoft Dynamics 365, increasing process efficiency and freeing up your staff to focus on more important or creative tasks
  • 4X faster setup of correct security permissions: EA streamlines the process of setting up security permissions, giving your users exactly the permissions they need to do their jobs. This allows you to reduce licensing costs and time spent creating and assigning roles


Let’s connect if you have any questions, feedback and/or concerns?  We are ready to assist you.