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ERP Mechanical Manufacturing- Software solutions from b4dynamics

The permanent challenge in the field of discrete manufacturing, especially in Machine Manufacturing, is to improve product quality and customer service along the supply chain. These include the classic requirements such as inventory optimization, supply chain optimization, transparency in the production process and cost control. From a modern, integrated IT infrastructure, the management of a company promises above all:

  • More efficient, faster business processes
  • More data transparency
  • A deeper process integration with customers and suppliers
  • More insight into the production process
  • More reliable business decisions

Prompt information not only improves ongoing production planning, companies benefit from several effects:

  • Improved planning reduces warehousing, this reduces the capital commitment
  • Bottlenecks are identified early, cost increases are avoided in advance
  • Reliable resource management improves on-time delivery and increases customer satisfaction
  • The gained transparency avoids wrong decisions
  • Existing resources are better utilized; this reduces processing times and increasing productivity

With the product Microsoft Dynamics 365 we have an optimal starting point to serve all these requirements industry-neutral. In addition to these industry-neutral functionalities, we have created with many years of experience in this market segment a lot of industry-specific solutions – which was achieved in part by the configuration of the standard solution, or by add-ons developed by us. Our main topics are:

  • Product configuration for BOMs and routings already in the offer phase. This serves to optimize the reusability of individual parts and assemblies, as well as to calculate production costs and display different production scenarios
  • Growing BOMs for machine construction companies
  • Technical documentation of articles and BOMs, based on management of various releases, related to the respective products and assemblies
  • Complete tracking of material flows across multiple warehouses | storage locations and vendor and customer warehouses; as well as connection of high-bay warehouses or other storage aids
  • Handling of subcontracting over the whole production process
  • Electronic connection of customers and suppliers to their own ERP environment