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Click Learn: One solution for all Dynamics platforms.

ClickLearn was founded in 2010, after 4 years of product development. The employee training software fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 that offers document automation, walkthroughs and e-learning, among other features.

Meanwhile, about 60 employees work at the headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Four more locations have been opened in Florida, USA; Ahmedabad, India and Perth, Australia. In 2019, ClickLearn thus ranked 136th in the Financial Times’ “Fastes growing Companies Europe.” ClickLearn is already used daily by more than 8,100 authors and 100,000 end users in 44 countries across North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania on a wide range of devices. ClickLearn is a Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner.

„We started out with a vision of completely re-thinking the way learning could be created , maintained and consumed by corporate employees, from inside their business critical systems.” 

Key features

  • A common platform for creating documents and training materials. 
  • A single solution to create, manage and deliver a customized help system for all Dynamics platforms – including D365 
  • Automated translation into more than 45 different languages 
  • Use the tool in multiple languages from a one time created source
  • Usage of and integration into the MS stack – teams etc.
  • 24/7 access from any device
  • Creation of complex test scripts from different applications

ClickLearn solves the following problems

1.User acceptance is a real challange especially with the larce number of stakeholders in CRM projects

  • Project owner
  • Project manager
  • Project participants
  • End-user / employee

2.Who is responsible for the training? (Human Resources or IT)

3.No bandwith to create learning material

4.Docmentation does not match practice

5.Loss of information due to staff changes

Your advantages

Variety of platforms
ClickLearn supports the most popular business systemsbrowsers, and Windows applications:
    • Business & Enterprise
    • Productivity & Collaboration
    • Other/Custom Apps
7 learning formats
ClickLearn creates the right learning format for any training situation from a single source: 
  • Show-me-Video  
  • Try-me-Video
  • Test-me-Video
  • Face-to-face training
  • Online documentation  
  • Offline documentation 
  • ClickLearn Virtual Assistant 
Illustrative tools
Illustrate each process with an on-screen live wizard.
Automatic translations
Automatically translate all your learning material into 45 languages and dialects with one click. Choose from over 100 different digital voices.
Automated Replay allows back traceing of all system upgrades and changes in business processes.
e-learning analytics collects feedback, ratings and displays the material usage.
By providing each member of your team with all the training they need, we ensure your success
with ClickLearn
  • Unlimited instructor-led online training for new and experienced ClickLearn authors.
  • ClickLearn advises on best practices for e-learning, corporate branding and publications 
  • Access to customized training in the ClickLearn Cloud 
  • Unlimited technical support 
  • Automated software and platform updates to ensure you are always working on the latest version 
  • Customer support: Our friendly and knowlegeable customer service department is always ready to resolve issues 
  • Free support: As a ClickLearn customer, you have unlimited free support and training 
  • Self-management platform: watch instructional videos, share with other authors, and get the latest product updates 
  • Free training: using ClickLearn should be as easy as possible. That’s why we train and develop all your authors for free. 

Success Stories

„In a recent cloud migration involving over 100 users, ClickLearn was the center of our training plan. It enabled us to launch the application faster all while helping increase overall user adoption.“

Dan Madden CRM Program Manager at Ascensus

„Every 6 months there is an update from Microsoft. That means that we must update our training material every 6 months. If we would do this in the normal way, we would only be sitting updating the training material.”

Anja Schmid CRM Community Manager at GF Piping Systems

„Support desk tickets initially dropped by 33% first month. Now they are down 50% with additional features and users.”.

Erin Pidcock Operational Dev Manager at multiplex