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User Requirement Specification - URS package from b4dynamics

Based on our pharma experience, creating URSs is an extremely important but very time-consuming task during a software implementation. To help safe our customers time we have created a URS package describing the standard industry requirements – a URS collection covering practical “real world” processes. With this package our customers will not have to start from scratch and therefore not forget anything along the way. This will lead to high quality and comprehensiveness during the whole implementation project.

  • BPML segmentation easily applicable to real industry process scenarios  
  • Moving perspective away from old processes  
  • Avoid duplicates 
  • Written in industry terminology
  • Starting analysis phase without empty page syndrome
  • Pick and choose and benefit from experience gained from multiple CSV projects
  • Reduce Effort during Analysis Phase
  • Mostly oriented on standard solution (thus avoiding unnecessary developments)
  • Pre-formulated requirements for regulated companies
  • Following structured business process master list (business process management list, BPML)  
  • BPML is segmented into process areas, business processes and sub-processes
  • Requirements are assigned to BPML structure
  • Covering 18 business areas, 220 business process with approximately 1400 requirements
  • Ready for use in CSV projects
  • Quick win
  • No wish list scenario
  • More structured URSes 
  • Streamlines involvement of key-users and BPOs
  • Reduces effort (both sides) during Analysis Phase
  • Reduces the timeline for analysis phase to approximately 50%
  • Covers approximately 80% of the final company specific requirements


Let’s connect if you have any questions, feedback and/or concerns?  We are ready to assist you.