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Life Sciences

Like any other manufacturer, Life Sciences companies are being pressured more than ever to introduce new products faster than ever before – and with higher quality and lower costs. Unlike many other manufacturers, though, Life Sciences companies are under an immense amount of pressure to recoup massive R&D costs.

The only ways for Life Sciences companies to stay competitive is to constantly streamline activities and reduce compliance and operational costs. However, these heavily regulated companies cannot let those goals threaten product quality, consumer safety, or value to customers.

Extending Microsoft Dynamics 365’s core platform offering of Finance, Operations, Sales and Marketing, HR, and Service capabilities, b4dynamics provides Life Sciences companies with improved functionality for:

  • CAPA | Non-Conformance Management
  • Electronic Batch Records
  • Audit Trails and Electronic Signatures
  • Serial and Lot Track and Trace
  • Vendor Management
  • Dispensing
  • Shelf Life and Retest Management
  • Labeling
  • IoT Integration
  • Complaints
  • Sampling
  • Instrument Calibration

Contact us if you are a Life Science company and are interested in implementing an ERP system adapted to your needs and processes with fewer internal resources, less risk and faster value creation. We advise you!