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b4dynamics’ IT Services

Business process optimization

We help you align the entire value chain of your company to set corporate goals. This requires consistent transparency of goals and structures which have to reflect the IT strategy of your company.

Industry 4.0

The industry is under constant pressure – it has to be intelligent, efficient, flexible and sustainable. The goal for every company is to net people, machines, resources and products. We support you in this process with many years of know-how, expertise and the business software from Microsoft.

Customer Service

We offer support and service level agreements (hotline & SLA) tailored to your needs and requirements.We provide a web service portal for all inquiries and problems with your installation, this allows you to track the solution process of your problem through the portal and maintain communication with the solution experts at any time. The service portal allows other users to access existing and/or resolved problems and their solution scenarios.

The first level support is provided by the customer directly to the end users. b4dynamics is the second level support in terms of application support for the customer’s internal support team. The third level support is provided by Microsoft.

IT services for digital transformation

Digital transformation is tied to innovation and part of every corporate strategy today. Together with you; we will develop measures to implement your strategy based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Digital transformation is a combination of digital technologies, tools, processes and most importantly people (culture and mindset) – truly transforming the way you do business today. Technology is a critical piece of digital transformation but not all of it. Reactive versus proactive decision-making approach – to anticipate the next big opportunity.


Training courses individually tailored to your needs; we help you get the maximum benefits from your new Microsoft solution. We will provide transparency to get your employees to accept the new ERP system.

Transition to the cloud

Are you ready to transition your on-premise solution to the cloud? We will guide you through the Microsoft template approach and are right by your side every step of the way to support your transformation. You will soon be able to use innovative technologies, control costs and complexity, and improve IT productivity – the future belongs to the cloud.


Our implementation method is strongly oriented on the standard software/out of the box and will lead you to a pre-configured system. We don’t recommend individual developments; we encourage quick use of the system through rapid prototyping, standard software and industry specific add-ons. 9-12-month project implementations are essential. Customers want to see the interface and work actively in the system; it is important to identify partial successes (process-oriented introduction). A project implementation can be carried out in two different process models.

Classic: all phases of the implementation run in succession, the project structure is clear and easy to understand, the planning is straight forward.

Iteration: focuses on standard functionalities and best practice. Key users work in the system, data migration, and integrated process tests start right away.

Requirements: definition of the project scope at the beginning of the project and early provision of test cases (starting at iteration 2).

Due to Microsoft’s unique application landscape; the possibility to license and implement individual modules from the Dynamics 365 portfolio without losing sight of the entire ERP implementation. The key users receive knowledge transfer on the system and will be able to provide 1st level support for the end users. b4dynamics is available for 2nd level support to key users via a hotline and support contract.