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E-Invoice is a system that allows institutions and organizations to transfer some information in their bills to GIB system within the framework of the determined application and data standards. This removes the necessity of storing the second copy of the invoices in the paper environment. Also with this system, the first copy invoices to be issued to the receivers are created in the form of secure electronic signed digital documents. E-Invoice License is purchased once and then it can be renewed yearly by paying yearly maintenance.


  • The invoice cost will be reduced to 1 in 10
  • E-Invoice shortens processes, accelerates cash flow
  • The printed invoice requires an average of 7-8 days while the e-invoice is prepared in 30 seconds.
  • Compliance with international standards
  • Possibility of electronic archiving provides quick
  • Access to documents
  • Quick dispute resolution
  • Financial advantages to accelerate cash flow in business
  • Appropriate infrastructure for electronic internal and external audits
  • The paper will have contributed to the protection of the environment through conservation

E-Book enables to prepare the books that are compulsory kept in accordance with the tax procedure law and the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code in form of an electronic file in accordance with the format and standards. This enables the books to be recorded without being printed; to guarantee the correctness of its unity, integrity and its source. It is also used as proof to the authorities in legal and technical regulations.
E-Book License is purchased once and then according to the needs yearly wage lines are purchased.


  • Providing control in electronic environment
  • Providing the possibility of processing in electronic environment by removing the printing, certification, storage and storage obligations
  • Providing international control

E- Archive is an application that allows the bills that must be arranged, kept and presented on paper in accordance with the Tax Procedural Law, to be arranged in electronic form and the second copy can be kept and presented in electronic form. E-Archive License is purchased once and then it should be renewed by doing yearly maintenance.


  • Operational costs based on data security and audit are reduced
  • Physical archiving-based hosting and retention costs are reset
  • Accounting processes accelerate, error rate decreases

E-Dispatch Note is a solution that has the same legal qualifications as the paper dispatch note, with the Revenue Administration in its center, only among the companies registered in the application, and all the information that should be included in the paper dispatch note.
e-Dispatch Note, data format and standard are determined by the Revenue Administration, in accordance with the VUK numbered 213; It is an electronic document that contains all the information that should be included in a dispatch note, and the transmission between companies registered to the application is carried out over a central platform (RA). All shipment notes will be arranged as e-Dispatch Note, and shipment notes will continue to be arranged as paper.


In the system where the Revenue Administration will be at its center; The e-dispatch note will be delivered to the recipient electronically via the RA, as in the e-Invoice system.

  • Identity of dispatch note issuer and immutability of dispatch note; legal person taxpayers are provided with a financial seal and real person taxpayers with a financial seal
  • The e-Dispatch note must be issued before the actual shipment of the products and successfully delivered to the recipient via the IOP system
  • During the actual shipment of the products, the printout of the e-dispatch note must be in the vehicle carrying the products
  • It is not necessary to sign the e-dispatch note printout that must be in the vehicle
  • If an e-Invoice is issued for the products to be shipped, the document number of the e-Invoice should also be included on the e-Dispatch Note
    There must be a data matrix on the E-Dispatch Note screens
  • Queries, verification and viewing of e-Dispatch Note electronically from IOP systems are done with a QR code
  • In the delivery of the products, the delivered goods and e-Dispatch Note are checked and the process is completed with a delivery note response by the buyer


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