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Porini, founded in 1968 in Como, Italy, is a renowned global Microsoft partner that provides assistance to clients in their digital transformation journey. The company specializes in providing ERP and consultancy services to the fashion, retail, textile, and clothing industries. In addition, Porini has broadened its knowledge to become a worldwide Microsoft ISV, offering various solutions like Social CRM, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Performance Management, Collaboration, and Knowledge Management designed for medium to large-sized businesses across several sectors.

Porini 365 ERP


International Fashion & Apparel Solution
for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations


Porini 365 ERP is a vertical solution that caters to the fashion, retail, footwear, and textile sector and is designed to run on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, which represents the latest in innovative technology for your business. With Porini 365, you can easily define seasonal products that come in a wide range of variations, while maintaining high efficiency. The software lets you create code structures, templates, and link them to technical and commercial data that is specific to your product category.

With Porini 365, you have better control over your costs and profitability. The software seamlessly integrates material, item, order, and cost information with comprehensive financial management and reporting tools. Furthermore, you can adapt to changing business conditions with ease by utilizing adaptable processes for sourcing, manufacturing, and shipment allocations.

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Porini ERP

Porini 365 CRM


Loyalty, Fashion and Retail Solution
for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales to enhance customer loyalty and retention in the fashion and retail industry by implementing in-store promotions, multi-channel integration, and customer performance indicators. Our solution integrates all essential touchpoints to provide customers with the best possible experience through all channels.

Porini 365 CRM 4 Fashion & Retail is designed to manage customer loyalty activities and stores by streamlining marketing and unified commerce processes, including card management and loyalty programs, customer statuses, and campaign and promotion management. Our solution is supported by clustering and segmentation models, along with predictive analytics algorithms to provide a comprehensive approach to customer engagement.

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Porini CRM

Porini 365 APPS


Customer Engagement Solutions
based on Microsoft Azure


Porini 365 APPS are innovative solutions specifically developed to cater to the unique requirements of individual customers. These solutions are integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, providing seamless connectivity. The technology used in these solutions is based on Microsoft Azure, which offers numerous benefits of cloud computing. Moreover, these solutions can be easily deployed on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. The graphics and design of these solutions are customized to meet the client’s brand identity and enhance usability.

Our Apps portfolio includes an extensive range of solutions that cater to diverse business needs. These solutions include Retail POS, Clienteling, Showroom Management, Product Catalogue, Sales Force, Customer Service, Customer Engagement, and Customer Survey.

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Porini Apps

Porini Analytics


Smart Intelligent Solutions
based on Microsoft Power BI & Machine Learning


Our goal is to empower decision makers with fast and efficient solutions that transform raw data into actionable insights, driving business growth and strategic development.

With PORINI ANALYTICS, we offer a suite of cutting-edge products that combine data modeling and technological skills such as reporting, dashboarding, data mining, predictive modeling, and optimization. This suite provides executive-level management with the right experience to make informed decisions.

We leverage the full capabilities of the Microsoft BI platform and Big Data, including Microsoft SQL Server, Power BI, and Azure Machine Learning, to deliver solutions that are both highly functional and user-friendly. This ensures our customers have the flexibility and ease-of-use they need to stay ahead of the competition.

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Porini Analytics


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