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ERP Plant Engineering - Solutions from b4dynamics

Software solution for plant engineering industry

In plant engineering, technical components are combined into an overall system with precisely defined tasks. The type and number of tasks result from the overall process that needs to be achieved with the system under specified conditions. First, the individual steps of each process must be analysed, their control must be ensured, and the necessary equipment design must be developed. By interconnecting, adapting, and optimizing the technical components, the concept of the process is created but it only becomes a complete system concept in connection with the control and monitoring concept.

The processing of an order in plant engineering is usually a one-time project, which differs from industrial series and mass production. The project is characterized by specific targets (time, financial and personnel limits) and varies from order to order.

Performance expectations for plant engineering software

All phases: preliminary clarification phase, offer phase, handover phase, execution phase, and evaluation phase can be efficiently mapped with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Graphically supported project planning modules are used and integrated with production planning and material management in the execution phase. The integrated financial module ensures the project can be continuously monitored with the integrated Power BI system.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

The solution has extensive standard functionalities and guarantees unlimited release capability. By using Microsoft Dynamics 365, plant engineers can map manufacturers’ requirements more quickly and automate their business processes within their company.  The connection of suppliers, customers, and vendors is supported.

The modular Microsoft Dynamics 365 software provides an excellent basis for the various requirements in plant engineering.  The development environment offers the possibility to react quickly and decisively to special requirements (e.g., interfaces to subsystems).

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