Microsoft Azure

is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. It’s the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.

It’s the cloud for all

We believe that the success made possible by the cloud must be accessible to every business and every organization—small and large, old and new.

Why Azure is the right choice

  • Productive | Reduce time to market, by delivering features faster with over 100 end-to-end services.
  • Hybrid | Develop and deploy where you want, with the only consistent hybrid cloud on the market. Extend Azure on-premises with Azure Stack.
  • Intelligent | Create intelligent apps using powerful data and artificial intelligence services.
  • Trusted | Join startups, governments, and 90 percent of Fortune 500 businesses who run on the Microsoft Cloud today.

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Azure Security

Security is integrated into every aspect of the Azure. Azure offers you unique security advantages derived from global security intelligence, sophisticated customer-facing controls, and a secure hardened infrastructure. This powerful combination helps protect your applications and data, support your compliance efforts, and provide cost-effective security for organizations of all sizes. Learn more ››

Security and privacy are built right into the Azure platform, beginning with the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). The SDL addresses security at every development phase and ensures that Azure is continually updated to make it even more secure. Operational Security Assurance (OSA) builds on SDL knowledge and processes to supply a framework that helps provide secure operations throughout the lifecycle of cloud-based services.Azure Security Center makes Azure the only public cloud platform to offer continuous security-health monitoring.

  • Manage and control identity and user access
  • Encrypt communications and operation processes
  • Increases network and infrastructure security
  • Defend against threats
  • Shared responsibility

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