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“The textile solution b4dynamics offers is the most suitable product for us. Bahariye was their first customer in Turkey.”


Afşin Karaer, IT-Manager

Company profile

Bahariye Mensucat San. and Tic. A.Ş. started in the Turkish textile industry in 1951 with wool yarn production and fabric weaving. The company, which has provided a large and sustainable growth in a short time, established Bahariye Carpet in 1980. Bahariye Carpet has grown into a reliable and reputable brand thanks to the experience of Bahariye Mensucat.

Bahariye Halı started its production in 1980 and now has a 50,000 m² production site in Çorlu/Veli Meşe.

The problems | Old system with lots of developments

In the past, Bahariye used an old system which could not support new releases and changes in technology. The system was slow and new requirements increased the needs for developments.

“Since there wasn’t an integrated system there was miscommunication between the data. Mistakes on system definition tabs i.e., were defined static but had to be numeric etc.” – Afşin Karaer, IT-Manager

Due to huge developments and wrong implementation, programs were slow and had lots of errors.

The requirements

Bahariye needed to track their end-to-end production process, access correct reporting, and respond and check their costs though the system.

“With the new ERP system, we have the correct data and ability to use the advantages of planning. The mistakes due to the production parameters have been eliminated.  We have a clear and functional system.”Afşin Karaer, IT-Manager

ERP Culture

With the new ERP, the users had difficulties to get used to the new system and change their “old system habits.”

b4dynamics offers one integrated system that enables clear planning and increased traceability of processes. Bahariye wanted to have an updated, end to end solution with limited developments. They did not want their system to rely on one developer, leaving the old system gave them more flexibility.

Life changing program

“We chose Microsoft due to the flexible structure and great development environments.” – Afşin Karaer, IT-Manager

Choosing b4dynamics

“b4dynamics is the one and only textile solution distributor in Turkey. With their global approach and industry expertise it was the correct decision for Bahariye.” Afşin Karaer, IT-Manager