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 “Bad fabric doesn’t exist, there is right tailor and b4dynamics is the right tailor for us”

Berk Noyan


Company Profile

Berteks Tekstil A.Ş. is operating in the textile industry as a family company since 1922, it has been located in Bursa Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone which is the biggest industrial zone in Bursa since 1983. The company has 700 employees working in all stages of the manufacturing of fabrics in the integrated manufacturing plant on an area of approximately 80,000 m2. Berteks Tekstil, part of Berteks Group of Companies grows with its 4th generation owners building on the knowledge and experience of 100 years and new technologies and gets stronger with its excellent service approach and high standard product quality and is one of the leading companies in the industry. The company exports 85% of its home textile products to more than 50 countries in 5 continents including Europe, Australia, and America.

In line with its core strategy of branding, Berteks Tekstil has a wide range of registered sub-brands, each with its own value including “Dolce Vita,’’ “Startül” “Pescofil” “Secure” “Pescreen”, “Blocky”, “Acusta”, “Plicell” and “W-All”, “Verty’’ which offer decorative fabrics, upholstery fabrics, curtains with different mechanisms, coated fabrics, pleated curtains, shirt fabrics, and technical textiles.

Berteks Tekstil adds value to its stakeholders and brings style to living environments with its high quality and functional and innovative products manufactured through eco-friendly processes.  The company’s R&D centre develops innovative products processes and ensures continuous development together with Berteks Academy which improves qualifications and skills of the employees and the company manages its branding and institutionalization processes with the Turquality program. The company carries out social responsibility projects based on the knowledge that the only way our country can have a successful future is by having all organizations aware of their social responsibilities.

Multiple Systems and Inconsistency

Berteks was using a local system (can we give the name of the technology) which can’t support them correctly and they couldn’t update them with the new releases and changes in the technology. They started to search for more UpToDate, more functional and easier to use program.

“Since we don’t have an integrated system, there were problems between the departments, as an example; finance, bordro, HR and sales were using different problems and we were getting different reports from different departments and thus we have problems and our efficiency was low.

The requirements

Berteks has to have one specific program that has the ability to track from receiving the order to the exit of the manufactured product, the ability to have the correct data from the production process, the ability to calculate the cost and efficiency correctly, to make the best planning and having the integrated accounting and human resources.

Berteks had the problem that due to huge developments and using different systems, programs were so slow,

“Everyone seeing the same data, having the same report and going to the conclusion from the same data. That is where the earnings”

No special modifications

It has never been an easy process for the workers moving from an ERP system to another, users have to adapt the logic of the new system. There must be detailed trainings from their previous MRP logic to their current ERP logic.  This is what Berteks faced with.

As b4dynamics our main approach is to stick with the standards as much as possible, with Berteks that was also necessary for them to be on the same roof of the program and not to have any unnecessary adding not to have any burden later with the system.

Life changing program

“Managing the big picture is the most important benefit of ERP. Especially reporting modules have to be working smoothly so as upper managers we will be able to see the benefits of ERP. With AX2012, we have all the processes integrated, our business is working more efficiently and faster.” Is the wording of the upper manager of Berteks.

With AX2012, Berteks had the ability to have the internal audit, systematically everything/everyone is doing their duties on the same time and best way obeying the system correctly.

Choosing b4dynamics

“With the world’s biggest ERP provider Microsoft and b4dynamics’ being strong, global and trustworthy approach we used our choice as b4dynamics. And we had a lot of positive comments from other textile companies about b4dynamics as references, which is so important in our sector.”