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Adobe Marketing Cloud: Microsoft and Adobe for digital transformation

Creating a seamless customer experience starts with well-connected tools

Unify your sales and marketing with Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, and
Microsoft Dynamics 365. Get a complete view of your customer, understand every interaction, and create a seamless customer experience.

Create better customer experiences on a secure and scalable digital foundation

Memorable customer experiences require the right digital foundation. Microsoft Azure’s intelligent, hybrid cloud platform pairs with the Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions to deliver compelling and secure online experiences for your customers that drive your business.

Make faster, more informed decisions with Adobe Analytics and Power BI

Give your entire organization instant access to the insights they need—anywhere, at any time with the powerful combination of Adobe Analytics and Power BI. Since all the information is timely and in one place, teams can quickly identify new market trends and the opportunities that help drive business forward.

Securely e-sign documents quickly and easily

Adobe Sign is now available in Microsoft Office 365 apps and Microsoft Dynamics 365, so it’s easier than ever to get e-signatures right from the solutions you use every day. Increase your productivity with e-signatures in digital workflows across Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

Adobe and Microsoft: Two for the win

What makes a successful partnership in search engine marketing (SEM)? Two companies joining forces to help customers provide a better and more relevant customer experience and grow their business. Many would say that epitomizes the relationship between Adobe and Bing Ads.