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The Camfil Group is one of the world’s leading exhaust air purification and air filter production company’s. The product range includes filter products such as coarse particulate air filter, fine particulate air filter, high-efficiency particulate air filter, molecular filters for ventilation technology, cleanroom processes, energy generation systems, and protection and safety systems. The Camfil Group, established in 1963, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, has 33 production sites, 6 research and development sites, regional sales offices in 30 countries, 4,800 worldwide employees, and is growing continuously.

Reference report

b4dynamics started the cloud implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in August 2017. After 18 months, the project was successfully completed and entered the go-live phase.

The goal of the ERP project was to completely replace the legacy system, which had already reached end-of-life and no longer met management requirements. The company was looking for a modern and integrated ERP solution that would lead to a significant increase in efficiency in all areas of the company and enable the harmonization of master data from different business units. On this basis, the new ERP system should support business processes in the future and provide meaningful information for the management.  The financial system was to be integrated into the new ERP system.

Camfil conducted a detailed requirements and product analysis to determine the optimal ERP system. The project implementation initially followed the b4dynamics implementation methodology, which has a strong focus on standard functionalities and best practices. Further into the project, it turned out the roll-out according to the classic waterfall approach was more suitable for both project partners, which is why it came to an adjustment of the methodology. End-to-end testing was conducted in multiple iterations, followed by GO-Live and subsequent post-go-live support.

With the new, uniform ERP system, the focus on quality master data increased enormously. Despite the higher time requirements to maintain master data, it was possible to evaluate the sales data via Power BI very quickly. As a result, more accurate statistics were generated, and improved management information was achieved. The evaluation options for various KPIs enabled improved control of the company.  The new ERP system significantly improved processes, enabled increases efficiencies, and further digitalization projects were implemented.  For example, a master data creation workflow and an invoice receipt verification workflow were introduced.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 was a new cloud product in the market and was not fully developed yet.  Changes to the system components and adjustments to the solution concept had to be made several times during the project.  The newly integrated ERP system required more training by competent key users. 

The project was successfully completed and within the planned schedule.

The decision for b4dynamics as the Microsoft implementation partner was based on the pragmatic approach to both project design and contract negotiations, and the excellent market reputation of b4dynamics GmbH with a focus on mid-sized customers.  The human aspect between both project teams contributed to the final decision.  The cooperation between Camfil and b4dynamics was very good, both at the managing director and key user level.  Camfil plans further automation and improvement of business processes based on the ERP system.