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If I did a new ERP project, I would make the same decision again in another company

Adem Tekşen, Finance Manager

Company profile

Mega Basım-Matbaa was founded in 1991 and operates in the printing industry. With approximately 250 employees and headquarters in Beylikdüzü/Haramidere, Turkey. Mega Basim provides printing services in an area of 12,000 square meters and exports 40% of its production to 17 countries on four continents worldwide. 

The reason for Mega to look for a new software solution was the dissatisfaction with the fact that different software was used in the various divisions, which was also incomplete and not integrated. 

Due to the lack of integration, there were difficulties with internal control, reports were filled with errors, and approval procedures were carried out by hand on paper. Especially since the company works on order and the variety of ordered items is very high, this situation posed a very serious problem. The company found itself unable to produce cost accounting.  

During the ERP selection phase, Mega obtained quotes from about 20 implementation partners with different ERP products. First, they decided on ERP software. They chose Microsoft Dynamics Navision 2012 because, on the one hand, the industry solution PrintVis was available, on the other hand, they liked the flexible structure of Navision and the size of Microsoft provided security in the background. 

The next step was to choose an implementation partner. Mega already had experience with AX projects and the difficulties were known. b4dynamics was convincing because they already came into the selection round equipped with a solution package for the printing press sector. This overall package as a solution was convincing, additionally compared to the competitors more professionalism, experience, and teamwork between the international teams from Germany and Turkey were seen. 

Initially, after several presentations, the number of partners was reduced from 3 to 2. Here b4dynamics convinced Mega with the technical capabilities of NAV in combination with PrintVis, the sincerity and discipline of the employees, and the communication strength, industry experience, and professionalism of the managing director Heinz Bäurer. 

The decision was ultimately made in favor of b4dynamics because the team seemed to be more reliable and professional overall. This choice has not been regretted since then: b4d offers a team that knows what to do, has a reliable CEO, and a solid ERP. Also, for a new ERP project, the choice would fall again on b4dynamics. 

The project was started at the end of April 2014 and the go-live took place 8 months later – in January 2015. Since then, the system has constantly been developed and improved according to the changing conditions. 


The biggest difficulty and challenge, during and after this implementation, were the transition for the users from the old to the new system. Initially, there were major difficulties with standard tasks, such as taking orders, because employees had to get used to the new software. However, thanks to the user-friendliness of Navision and the friendly and courteous approach of the b4dynamics team, this went very quickly. As soon as a certain routine was established, everything changed abruptly to the opposite: The respective colleagues noticed that it was suddenly possible for them to quote concrete and correct prices to the customer. They were also now in a position to conduct price negotiations flexibly, but seriously and in accordance with the interests of the company. Increasingly, they realized that it was worthwhile to enter the data into the software system quickly, correctly and in the desired detail, as the feedback from customers was very positive.  

The introduction of the new ERP system thus ensured that all employees behaved in a disciplined manner and adopted the newly introduced rules. As a result, work processes now ran in an orderly fashion. All departments benefited from the integration with the automation program and there was a significant increase in efficiency and productivity across departments, including machinery and personnel. In addition, there were savings in hardware, investment, and operating costs. 

The data silos were broken down, merged, and now made classifiable and thus usable. Based on the results, it is now possible for management to make strategically sound decisions. Above all, it is now possible to calculate the costs of the goods you produce and to determine how much is sold in advance. Mega Basim’s business now runs quickly, smoothly, successfully, and flexibly.  

But the best thing about this software is the flexibility it offers in terms of improvements and developments. 

The speed of the go-live makes those responsible sustainably satisfied, especially since they keep hearing from the environment about significantly longer implementation times of at least 2 years in comparable projects. At the same time, the sustained good relationship with b4dynamics, the good availability, and short-term problem-solving competence ensure complete satisfaction with this cooperation and this decision. 

Choosing b4dynamics

The biggest step in institutionalization is to switch to ERP and to be successful in ERP. And we thank the b4dynamics team for providing us with this. If I did a new ERP project, I would make the same decision again in another company. This software and the b4 team did an excellent job! “  Adem Tekşen, Finance Manager