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MS Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions provider. The company headquarter is located in Amman, Jordan. MS Pharma offers high quality, value-added generics from their state-of-the-art facilities throughout the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.  MS Pharma is one of the pioneers in biotech and biosimilars, they have over 2,700 employees in 13 countries.

Reference report

In March 2020, b4dynamics started with the implementation (phase 1) of the new ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 on Azure. The project was successfully completed in eleven months, February 2021. The completion of phase 1 has 120 users in the new system; after the final expansion phase, the user number will be 1,250.

The project was implemented according to the V-model. The rollout was carried out using a global template for each country.

The primary reason for the implementation of a new software solution is to open and serve new markets, which is only possible with a CSV qualified ERP system.  Additional reasons for the new system are a central financial platform for all legal entities, unified financial reporting, cash management, control of financial flows in the future, and harmonized processes and master data by mapping all processes (quality, production, warehouse, maintenance, etc.) on one template to create synergies.

The IT management wanted to replace the previous “isolated applications” and avoid further ones, the value flow should become traceable and transparent.

The challenges for b4dynamics were the following:

  • Harmonization and qualification of the entire master data
  • Automated testing of all processes for documentation according to CSV (sustainability for further updates from Microsoft)
  • Corona-related on-site appointments were not possible, the rollout had to be carried out remotely (Microsoft Teams)


By implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 on Azure and other Microsoft products (SharePoint, Teams, Flow), MS Pharma has already achieved a significant increase in efficiency. As a result, the company has better master data for production and quality, greater transparency in financial processes, more highly qualified employees, standardized processes, and better usability.

b4dynamics fully met the customer’s goals and requirements. The cooperation between the customer’s project team and the b4d’s project team has been professional and pleasant. The structured approach from b4dynamics during the ERP implementation made a significant contribution to this.

In order to fully benefit from the implemented template within the entire Group of users the next rollouts are being planned.